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Brief Social Media Blog
Socially Speaking Digital Content. So because content is extraordinary, you have this blog,
the purpose of the strategy is to enhance website traffic, create awareness, and generate leads.
Target Audience
Besides audience for this blog consists of small businesses and individuals who have an interest in Social Media Management
Primary audience is based in the United States, but there is also a considerable international audience.
Social Media Channels
The following social media platforms will be employed to promote blog posts and run contests and giveaways.
🚀 Facebook
🚀 LinkedIn
🚀 Instagram
Content Strategy
Blog will publish top notch content that is highly relevant to the target audience.
So the content will be informative, engaging, and shareable.
Call to Action
Therefore call to action for this social media marketing strategy is to direct traffic to the blog and encourage visitors to subscribe to the blog’s email list. Because that’s what we do
Importantly metrics are being utilized to measure the success of the social media marketing initiative.
🚀 Website Traffic
🚀 Blog Subscribers
🚀 Social Media Engagement
🚀 Leads Generated
Allocation for the social network marketing strategy is $1,000.
This budget will be utilized for social media advertising and the creation of social media graphics.
Samsoa’s social media marketing strategy will be implemented over a 6-month period, commencing on July 15, 2023, and concluding on December 15, 2023.
Effectiveness of this social media marketing strategy will be assessed on a monthly basis, and
this evaluation will consider website traffic, blog subscribers, social media engagement, and leads generated.
This social media marketing brief has received approval from the following stakeholders
🚀 Samsoa Digital Marketing Firm
🚀 Samsoa Brand
🚀 Kim Roberts
Next Steps
Most importantly steps for the social media marketing strategy include
🚀 Creating a content calendar
🚀 Developing social media assets
🚀 Launching the social media marketing campaign
Social media marketing brief and it’s details the strategy for promoting the
Socially Speaking Digital Content Blog.
Samsoa Digital Marketing Firm
Socially Speaking Digital Content

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